Cougar Dating: The Young Man’s Guide To Dating Older Women

What Cougars Want From a Cub And How You Can Hookup Older Women Easily

Cougar dating is a fantasy for a lot of young guys. The idea of dating older women that are sexy, smart and know what to do in the bedroom, and what they want during sex has obvious appeal.

Most guys will turn to cougar sites to find local cougars to meet and hookup with, and this is certainly the easiest way to find older women for dating and sex.

But if you want to find a MILF (another term used to describe a cougar which is an acronym for ‘Mum I’d Like To Fuck’), you can’t just rely on your youth, good looks or good body.

On the surface, some cougars will go for that, but you still need to have enough ‘game’ to get them into bed.

That means communication.

Knowing how to start a conversation with an older women, or more importantly, how to hold a conversation with a cougar is what’s going to seal the deal.

In this cougar dating guide, we’ll reveal…

  • How cougars think so you can seduce her easier
  • What she’s looking for in a ‘cub’ both sexually and emotionally
  • What to say to a cougar to start and maintain a conversation
  • How to manage a first date with a cougar
  • How to get a MILF into bed and satisfy her

And the best part is you’ll be able to find MILFs in Australia easily by joining MILF sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and other cities and regional areas.

You can also visit MILF bars where older women tend to hangout, hoping to meet younger men.

We’ll be using the term ‘Cougar’ and ‘MILF’ interchangeably throughout the article.

Let’s get started by discussing your first date conversation with a Cougar…

Conversations For Your First Date With a Cougar

Many men find Cougars to be very alluring and attractive.

One of the things that men looking for MILFs will wonder is what they should talk about when they go on a date with their new, mature woman.

Here are a few pieces of advice that you can use in order to help you navigate the waters of your first date with a Cougar:

Encourage Her to Talk About Herself

One thing that you will find that will work for you when on a date with cougars is to encourage the woman you are with to talk about herself…and this can be a great opportunity for you to get to know her, too.

Talk to her about her favourite music, her job, and even her hobbies. Make sure, however, that you aren’t bringing her age into it.

For example, she might say, for instance, that she love Elton John.

If she does, respond with something like, ‘Me too, Crocodile Rock is one of my favourites.’.

Don’t ever say to her, ‘My dad loves Elton John too’, or anything similar.

Explain That You Are Serious About Dating Older Women

Many MILFs feel as if younger men are only with them for sex, and even if that is the case in your situation, you won’t ever get close to sex until you convince her that you are serious in wanting to date an older woman.

Some of the things you might want to tell her in order to convince her that you are serious is that you think that older women are much more mature than younger women, that mature women bring less drama to a relationship than younger women, and that a mature woman is more worldly and knows more about things you are interested in.

You also might want to tell her that you think mature women are more alluring than younger women.

Keep The Conversation On Things She Knows

You should also remember that cougars will likely be a decade or so older than you.

Because this is the case, you’ll find that she will have had different experiences in her life than you have had.

It will, for instance, really work for you if you take some time to research and look into life when she was young, such as in the 70s, 80s, depending on how old she is.

For instance, knowing some pop culture history from this time can be very impressive.

You will also want to remember that she will likely be fairly sophisticated, so try to keep the conversation on things that will interest her like music, art, literature or even world news.

Cautiously Bring Up Sex

Finally, as long as everything is going well, you can cautiously bring up the topic of sex.

Many older women won’t want to jump into the sex conversation immediately, so make sure that you aren’t getting into it at the start of the date.

However, should you decide to bring it up, be respectful and careful, though you might even see that she is being extra flirty or bringing up sex on her own.

At this point, you should have a good idea of where your date might be headed, if you can count on a second date, or if you think it might be possible to hook up with her tonight.

Top 5 Topics To Never Talk About On a First Date With a Cougar

A cougar is a woman who is older, mature and dating a younger man, who is often referred to as a cub.

In many cases, cougars will start dating men who are 10, 15 or 20 years younger than she is.

In order to be one of these cubs, you need to make sure you have a strong start with these MILFs.

The best place to find this start is the first date and here are some topics that you should avoid:

1 – Age Should Not be Talked About

Many times, potential cubs will focus on the difference in age and that could be a big mistake.

The truth is, however, most cougars will not like to talk about their age and they won’t want to talk about the difference between their cubs and themselves.

Instead, they would rather focus on things that are more important in their lives such as current events, the arts, music and their families.

Bringing up the topic of age when on your first date is probably not going to get you a second date.

2 – Cougar/Cub Slang Should Not Be Talked About

Another thing that you should avoid when you go on a first date with a cougar is actually calling an older woman a ‘cougar’ and yourself a ‘cub.’

The cougar and cub arrangement while it accurately describes the dating situation between an older woman and a younger man, is not appropriate to be spoken about by a cougar or a cub before, during or after your hookup or relationship.

Though many people will use these terms in order to describe the roles that older women and younger men take on, the truth is, many women don’t like the term, ‘cougar.’

Though some women will be OK with the term, others might even call themselves ‘cougars’.

There are still many who won’t use the term and some might be offended by the term.

Unless you hear her say the words ‘cub’ or ‘cougar’, it is best to not say it yourself.

3 – Money Shouldn’t Be Talked About

You also want to stay clear of the topic of money when you are on a date with an older woman for the first time.

Many times, younger guys assume that all MILFs are posh or rich and will pay for everything when on a date.

Many of them will actually pay. However, it is not something that you should expect and it isn’t something that you should bring up on your first date.

If you do, however, she will see right through it and you will not be asked for a second date. In this situation, with is best if you offer to pay.

If she says ‘yes’, you can be sure that this is a small investment that will pay you back many times over.

3 – Sex Shouldn’t Be Talked About

Bringing up sex when on a first date with a cougar is a big mistake. Don’t assume that they are uninterested in sex, that is far from the truth.

However, cougars are women who generally like to play by their own terms and in many cases, they want to take the lead when it comes to sex.

This means, you should not try to push sex with an older women and you shouldn’t expect sex on your first date.

Though sometimes sex will occur on the first date, MILFs know that many men only want them for sex and the women might be looking for more.

5 – Your Baggage Shouldn’t Be Talked About

We all have baggage, but in many cases, men who are younger have less baggage than older men…and this is what cougars look for.

They want a guy who is carefree and fun, who won’t bring other things to the table with him.

Some baggage, of course, is fine, but airing your baggage certainly won’t impress a MILF and you will likely never get a second date.

Play To Your Strengths, Tips For Young Men To Attract Older Women

By using what you know and playing to your strengths, there is no reason you couldn’t have your choice of cougars.

Here are some cougar dating tips to help:

Take Some Pride in Your Appearance

If there is one thing that you can say to generalise cougars as a whole, it would be that they almost always look their best.

Because of that, you should expect her to be looking for a cub who also looks good.

A woman like this is refined and she will probably not care for a man who is wearing dirty, unkempt clothing or someone who doesn’t put some effort into his appearance.

Instead she will be looking for a clean cut, put together man who she can show off to her friends.

Go Where The Cougars Go

Another thing that you will want to keep in mind as a younger man looking to attract cougars is that you will want to go where they go.

Sometimes just putting yourself in front of them is enough to attract them to your side.

You will want to look for older women in classier restaurants, top shopping establishments, fancy bars and even at cultural locations like museums or galleries.

There are also well known cougar bars and hotspots in every city throughout Australia where older women like to go as they’re generally more upmarket bars.

You don’t need to be wealthy as a young guy to be able to go to one of these bars… you’ll likely just end up paying 50% more for a drink than at other bars.

Brush Up On Your Culture And Current Affairs

Another thing that you can do in order to attract a MILF is to take some time to not only brush up on your culture, but also know what is going on in the world.

A MILF will find an intelligent man to be highly attractive and will love knowing that she has someone that she can talk to about things she likes.

If things like art and music aren’t your style, no worries, you can also find that knowing about things like electronics and technology will be very impressive to a cougar.

Forget About The Age Difference

If you find yourself chatting up a cougar, one of the worst things you can do and a sure fire way to ruin it is to start talking about the age difference.

She knows that you are 10 or 20 years younger than she is, so there is no reason to remind her.

Many women are already uncomfortable with their ages and when their boyfriend who is 15 years younger keeps talking about it, it will just make her feel worse.

Instead, don’t even mention the age difference and consider yourselves two adults who are attracted to each other.

Let Her Take the Lead With Sex

Cougars tend to like bold men, but there is a fine line between bold and taking the lead in the relationship, especially when sex is involved.

Instead of pushing her for sex or trying to make a move, it will probably be best to let her take the reins.

Remember, this is an experienced woman and you are going to have amazing sex with her.

Don’t push too hard for it at the beginning or you could ruin everything. She will definitely let you know when she’s ready.

As you can see, attracting cougars doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need to know what older women might be looking for.

You already have all of these things in you, you just need to show them to the mature women you have on your radar.

Top MILF Dating Secrets For Men – What Turns Them on the Most?

In order to be successful at MILF dating, you will need to be let in on a few secrets.

You should know, of course, that dating a MILF will be different than dating other women, but when you know what turns a mature woman on, you will have in your hands the secret of success when it comes to cougar dating and sex.

Here are some of the things you should know about how to turn a cougar on:

A Cougar Will Want a Man Who Takes Care Of Himself

One of the things that turn on many cougars is a man who takes good care of himself.

You won’t need to be good looking like a movie star in order to get a MILF, but you will need to take care of yourself.

For you to succeed at MILF dating, your older woman want someone by her side who looks more mature, and there are many ways for young guys to achieve this.

You might want to start working out, cut your hair, get some new clothes and a shave.

For the most part, a MILF will like a man who takes time to dress well, who is clean cut and one who smells good.

By taking a bit of time to make yourself presentable, you should be in a good position to catch a cougar.

A MILF Will Want a Man Who is Outgoing, But Lets Her Take the Lead in Bed

Another thing that will turn on a MILF is a younger guy who is outgoing.

You will find that older women will definitely go after a guy who she likes, but the odds will be better for you if you show her that you are interested.

Some cougars will realise that not every younger man is interested in older women.

That might cause her to hold back a bit, even if she thinks you are attractive. If you see that she is looking at you, give her a sign that you are interested.

If she responds in a positive way, make sure to make a move and go to her. This will show her that you are willing to take a chance and be bold.

However, make sure that you let her take the lead in bed unless she implies otherwise. Many cougars only want to play if they can play by their rules.

An Older Woman Will Want a Man Who Thinks She’s Beautiful

If you are looking to turn a cougar on, tell her she’s beautiful, and make sure you mean it!

Many older women will feel self-conscious about her age and when you tell her that you think she is pretty, you will help to eliminate that fear.

When the fear is gone, you will find that she is much more confident and that new confidence is going to be a very good thing in the bedroom.

Whatever you do, make sure you aren’t saying anything like ‘You are very pretty for your age.’

Don’t bring age up at all. Instead, you should focus on her beauty as a woman, not as a mature woman.

A Cougar Will Love a Man Who Shows Interest

Finally, you will find that a cougar will be turned on by a guy who is actually interested in her as a person and not a sex object.

MILFs are smart and they are aware that many younger guys will only want them for sex.

Though some are definitely into that, others want more dating involved in the relationship.

If you are able to show her that you are interested in her as person, you can be pretty sure she will be interested in you too. That can lead to an amazing time in the bedroom.

Remember, let her take the lead, but express some interest in her rather quickly.