MILF Dating: 10 Rules To Date A MILF

MILF Dating Rules To Hookup With MILFs

MILFs Dating Australia

Many young guys dream of dating an older woman, also known as a MILF, and if you are one of them, you probably need to know the MILF dating rules to ensure you get it right.

Knowing how to date a MILF will certainly serve you well as you get into MILF dating and sometimes, in order to even find a MILF, you will need to know how to best go about it.

To find and date a MILF, here are the top 10 MILF dating rules:

1 – Be Honest When You Make Initial Contact

It is imperative, when dealing with MILFs, that you are completely honest with them from the beginning.

If you are only trying to connect with a MILF because you want to sleep with her, don’t go talking about a relationship until a later stage if that’s something you want to do.

2 – Give Her Compliments that Matter

Another thing to remember when you are dating a MILF is that you want to give her compliments.

However, you don’t want to say something like ‘You look amazing for your age.’ Instead, say ‘You look amazing.’ There is no need to mention her age.

3 – Show Her You Are a Gentleman

MILFs are used to a certain level of chivalry and if you don’t deliver on that, odds are she will not stick around long.

Pull out her chair, open her door, and bring flowers. You should also offer to pay for your first date.

4 – Present Yourself Well

You will also want to keep in mind that a MILF will generally have a sense of style and will try her best to look good at all times.

She will expect the same from her cub.

5 – Never Stand Her Up

When with a MILF, it is imperative that you show up when you tell her you will arrive and that you never stand her up.

You also want to make sure that you aren’t rescheduling unless it is extremely important. Watching a match with your mates is not a good excuse.

6 – Keep in Mind That She is Independent

You also want to keep in mind that she doesn’t need you in her life, she wants you in her life.

She is independent and will do her own thing. Don’t expect to get into this type of relationship and be in charge.

7 – Be Real With Her

When dating a MILF, you should be real with her and present yourself as you are.

She will be able to know if you are hiding something, not being totally honest or if you are full of it.  She has too much experience to try to put something past her.

8 – Make Sure You Can Please Her in the Bedroom

MILF sex will likely be better than any other sex you could imagine, and if you want to be sure that it is good for you, you should make sure that you are pleasing her before you get your own pleasure.

9 – Allow Her to Teach You

When you are dating a MILF, make sure you are allowing her to take the lead in the relationship, especially in the beginning.

She has more experience with dating and sex, in general, and will be a great teacher if you let her be.

10 – Unless You Know It’s Ok, Call First, Don’t Text

Finally, though younger people use texting for much of their communication, an older woman might not.

She certainly likely knows how to text, and will even use text often, but keep in mind, she was raised in a different time, and because of that, will likely prefer a call over a text, especially the first few times you meet.